PHPix - a Free PHP Photo Album Program



PHPix is a Web-based photo album viewer written in PHP. It features automatic generation of thumbnails and different resolution files for viewing on the fly. It was written mainly because none of the existing packages to make online photo albums worked well enough for me.


  • 01 Feb, 2003 - PHPix 2.0.3 released - Added code for newer Imagemagick versions
  • 05 Oct, 2000 - PHPix 1.0.2 released - go to download page to get your copy!
  • 11 Jan, 2001 - PHPix 2.0pre1 release with bug fix to eliminate security hole where users could create a URL that would allow access to files outsite of the PHPix directory. Also, generated images are now stored in a separate dir from the albums to keep your original pic dirs cleaner. Next 2.0pre will have support for many image formats.